Thank you

Hello Dear Readers:

I will begin with oodles of gratitude to readers. I am wonderfully surprised, and grateful for the overwhelming number of feedback comments from all of you reading the blog. It is awesome that some of the posts have resonated with readers. Dr. Wayne Dyer ‘s quote, “We are Divine enough to ask and we are important enough to receive”  impacted me powerfully. My interpretation is that as human beings, we have the Divine Spark in us, that connects us to the Divine Source, God, Universe. Different people have different names for this Divine Source.  I feel that much of what I write is based on questions I have asked as a person on my walk with God and the Divine Guidance I have received. I feel that Divine Guidance has come through so many different pathways: pastors, priests, family and friends,  wise teachers,  colleagues, students, people I have worked with, excellent books and research articles I have read on different topics in psychology and different spiritual and religious traditions, experiences of motherhood and being a wife.  I believe that Divine Guidance and Grace has shaped my life and define who I am. For that I am immensely grateful, which words cannot fully capture.. I am a firm believer that God is infinite, vast, and majestic and  beyond human comprehension. Therefore, my experiences and perspectives in my writings are limited by my human condition.

I believe that each person’s  walk on this planet is personal and unique, which I respect and honor.  I am super happy that readers have found some of the posts integrating spirituality, psychology and philosophy from the East and West  helpful and informative. Please read what is helpful and discard what is not helpful.




Oodles of Gratitude To Readers