Anindita Ganguly

First and foremost, I am a human being, walking the arduous path of life, with its ups, downs, unexpected twists and turns. Frequently stumbling, sometimes falling and sometimes walking through this pandemic, trying to build resiliency and balance and cultivate wisdom and joy, which is frankly hard to do in these difficult times. But I remember that I walk with God, not alone. This is the greatest source of comfort for me. The God, in whom I have my faith in and pray to is an Universal Consciousness, permeating through every atom and molecule, creating and binding all that exists. It is the unnamable, incomprehensible, mysterious, faithful, fiercely loving, fearless, Divine Consciousness, which is capable of accomplishing the impossible, which the human mind cannot conceive yet also exists in the daily details of our days. My God has many names and is beyond one religion or practice. Similar to the philosophy of Alcoholic Anonymous, I respect and honor people’s conception and experience of their Higher Power, as they chose to define It. I believe that my faith is based on my relationship with God. Just like any other relationships, my relationship with God is based on my experiences. The lens of my experience of God is filtered through my various identities, such as daughter, wife, mother, sister, Indian-American, clinical psychologist, teacher and friend.

The  people who have significantly influenced my worldview are my parents, my husband, and my friend Joy.  My father, Ramananda (Ram) Ganguly is possibly the hardest working person I know. At age 40, he came with his three children and wife to the United States to start a new life so that his children will have the opportunities of living the American dream. His independent thinking is demonstrated by his lecture to us early in childhood that a “Brahmin (highest level of the caste system) is by behavior and not birth”. When I asked him what this means, he stated his belief that a person’s actions define his or her character and God-realization and that birth into a caste is irrelevant. My father has a layer of deep kindness beneath his sternness, especially about the importance of education. I am grateful for his support and encouragement in pursuing my education.

My mother, Anuradha Ganguly, taught me about faith in God. She stood firm in her faith in God throughout the ups and downs of her life. Her firm belief was that relationship with God and faith is what sustains a person through birth, life and death. She believed everything else is a mirage.

Another person who was a “powerhouse in spirituality” was my mother’s friend , Joy Charlesworth Durment, who later became my friend. Joy’s faith, humility, graciousness, kindness was an example of how her faith and talk matched her walk. Joy was an incredible person that I was blessed to have known and had great  interfaith conversations with her. Joy was a mighty spiritual warrior despite her quiet and gentle demeanor.

I am grateful for my husband, Indrajit Ray’s, steadfast support, encouragement,  honest conversations (“keeping it real”), sticking with me through the highs and lows of our lives, love and kindness. Indrajit is not someone who sugar coats his words and his honesty has challenged me to grow as a person.

I and my two younger brothers, Anirban Ganguly and Karunesh Ganguly, have walked together as siblings. My niece and nephews are adorable.

The most amazing and Supreme  Gift God gave me and my husband is our son, Deb Ray. He does not like me to talk much about him and so I will respect his request.

I am very grateful to Dr. Ortiz ( for helping me set up the blog.

I also want to thank Kimberly Locke, my dear friend, who edited blog posts and encouraged me to continue writing in the earlier drafts with honesty and passion.

I am also thankful to Rob Bignell for his editing services and support.

I have practiced as a clinical psychologist for about 18 years.

This, however, is not a therapy site. The information on this site is not a substitute for professional mental health services. Please contact professional mental health professionals in case  any reader is experiencing mental health issues.

Please note that I am also not responsible for reader’s comments on posts.

I have also taught psychology for twelve years in different institutions, such as, community colleges, doctoral programs in clinical psychology and Osher program at University of California, Riverside Extension. I love going for long walks, music and traveling far and wide. I am also a student of world religions and spiritual traditions.