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The mission of this blog is Connecting to the Divine Source and/or finding the Divine Spark with us to cultivate skills of well being and find meaning and purpose in life. This blog explores different spiritual wisdom traditions. Spirituality is sometimes defined as the ongoing unfolding personal experience or journey of connecting to the transcendent, sacred dimension, God, Universe, or Divine Source.  The blog also explores worldwide religious traditions and topics in psychology, utilizing the biopsychosocial-spiritual model,  to cultivate skills of well being. 


People have different names for God. Some believe that God is Unknowable to the human mind and cannot be named or fully understood. Bishop T.D. Jakes delineates between people having experience of God yet the inability of the human mind to explain God. Paramahansa Yogananda describes God as Love, Consciousness, Absolute Existence and Ever New Joy. Dr. Maya Angelou defined God as “All” and that the soul yearns for the All. In this blog, the key assumption is there is the Divine Spark in all of us and we originate from All and eventually return back to All. .

Divine Spark 

Christianity refers to “Divinity within” as the Kingdom of God.  Buddhism refers to “Buddha Nature” at the core of each person. Hinduism talks about the “Atman” (soul) inside each person. Western psychology paradigms, such as, Dialectical Behavior Therapy developed by Marsha Linehan discusses the “wise mind” , intersection of rational and emotional minds, which is center of inner wisdom and knowledge. Donald Winnicott talks about the authentic self emerging from the “false self” .

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