Sun Setting in the Horizon

Magnificence of ARCHIE WILLIAMS’ Story of Faith, Hope, Resilience and Not Letting The Sun Go Down

Practices of keeping the faith and hope alive and well are key to getting through the pandemic. I was  stunned and amazed when I saw a video clip of Archie Williams’s singing Elton John’s song, “Don’t Let the Sun Go

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red sign stating emergency

Grounding Strategies When You are Struggling to Eat, Pray or Love

This year, 2020, has been  a year characterized by experiences of groundlessness or crises for many people : a year of losses upon losses, hunger crises, job loss, political turmoil and COVID-19 surges upon surges that “test the mind, body

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Girl with face paint

Invitation to Readers: Celebrate and Honor Heroes and She-roes

Dear Readers: This is an open invitation to share, celebrate and honor the she-roes and heroes in your life. This is the follow up on my post on Heroes and She-roes in the Pandemic.  There are countless everyday heroes and

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Ordinary People

Heroes and She-roes in the Pandemic

The year 2020 highlights Charles Dicken’s astute observation of duality of human experiences:   “best of times” (heroes and she-roes in the pandemic) and “worst of times” (multiple COVID-19 surges, unbearable losses of human life, strained health care system, attacks on

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