Mother Theresa

Mother Theresa : The Saint Who Mothered the World with Light, Love and yet Experienced Darkness

This post is about Mother Theresa, Saint of Light, Love and Darkness. But I will begin by talking about my mother. I have been missing my mother, Anuradha Ganguly. Her nick name was “Benu”. My mother was not a saint,

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Thank you

Oodles of Gratitude To Readers

Hello Dear Readers: I will begin with oodles of gratitude to readers. I am wonderfully surprised, and grateful for the overwhelming number of feedback comments from all of you reading the blog. It is awesome that some of the posts

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Indian Dance Pose

The Dance of The Vagus Nerve: Feeling Safe, Love, Compassion, versus Fear

Dr. Stephen Porges’s work in polyvagal theory led to a deeper understanding of the autonomic nervous system and particularly the vagus nerve.  I refer to it as the “dance of the vagus nerve” with rhythms of feeling safe, love, compassion

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Practices of Pouring Love on the Brain: Meditation, Mindfulness and Mysticism.

In our current world of the pandemic, are practices of pouring love on the brain good for us? What exactly is love? Very hard to define in a sentence as there are many kinds of love: love of family, animals,

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