Dog Running

Pets: “Fur Loves” Are Essential Workers Who Bring Love in the Pandemic.

During this pandemic, political turmoil, economic, and housing crises, beloved pets can be an oasis of comfort and joy. .The National Institute of Health (NIH)discusses the numerous mental and physical  health benefits of having pets.  Research suggests that having pets

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Possible Pathways of Healing Emotional Wounds

Many people experience emotional wounds, pain and hurt by another person’s words or actions.   I hope and pray 2021 is a year for people to explore pathways to heal emotional wounds. Research by Naomi Eisenberger from University of California, Los

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Peace Pilgrim Picture

Message of Peace Pilgrim, an American Saint, who lived through 1918 pandemic.

Peace Pilgrim, an American Saint and Mystic. Her message is of one inner peace, world peace, love and faith. I recently received the Friends of Peace Pilgrim Newsletter (number 66, Summer 2020) where they featured an article, “Peace Pilgrim’s Advice

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Sun Setting in the Horizon

Magnificence of ARCHIE WILLIAMS’ Story of Faith, Hope, Resilience and Not Letting The Sun Go Down

Practices of keeping the faith and hope alive and well are key to getting through the pandemic. I was  stunned and amazed when I saw a video clip of Archie Williams’s singing Elton John’s song, “Don’t Let the Sun Go

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